Vanya E'dan Entertainment Company

Entertainment, Instruction, Events

Entertainment: We are a full-service Entertainment company based in Southeast Florida.  We proudly offer entertainment services for any type of event - from dancers, to characters, to catering, to DJ's.  Everything we do is carefully and thoughtfully planned to give you the best entertainment experience anywhere!

Dance  Instruction & Costuming: We offer group and individual belly dance classes and workshops in various styles as well as private lessons conveniently in your own home.  We also carry a beautiful variety of bellydance, goth, renaissance costuming and accessories as well as everyday workout and club wear.

Events: We produce bellydance and other themed events throughout the area, bringing the biggest names in dance and entertainment to S. Florida!

Browse our website, learn more about us and be sure to visit our "Testimonials" page.  We're your #1 choice for quality and value, give us a call! 754-444-0805    Follow us on Facebook for news, events and occasional ramblings.